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December 27, 2009
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Art Trade - Wolfy Kind by InjoKEI Art Trade - Wolfy Kind by InjoKEI
Ahaha, I wanted a messy sketch looking lineart. OAO Yes, it's lineart. oTZ Simplest, messiest lineart ever. Sorry Miyu!

Hm, so this is Gun, in case you don't know him. You should if you know me. If not, he is half wolf, half elf. A natural redhead like myself. My first chara EVER, from long long long ago. He is an earily calm boy of 17, who barely raises his voice or shows much emotion. The only time he does is when he sees his hated half-brother Sora, whom he wants nothing more than to killeth. And an occasional annoyed expression around his loud twin brother, Pistole.

This is my half of the art trade with :iconeclipsed-origins: ~eclipsed-origins. Hope you like. OAO Gun is SO glam rock in this. I need whatever mascara he's using! can crit if you want, but there's not much to crit. OxO;
Gun belongs to me. No touchy. Unless you ask.

Fukao Gun
Race: Wolf/Elf mix
Age: 17
Birthday: (Scorpio)
Distinguishing Features: Wolf ears (unclipped); wolf tail (full); wolf fangs
Hometown: Luna Island
Relatives: Pistole (twin); Sora (older half brother); Yua (mother; dead); Ukiden (father)
Status: Rouge
Fight Style: Vicious, agressive physical attacks. May transform into wolf form and attack that way.
Likes: Being left alone. The idea of revenge.
Dislikes: Being touched; being bothered; being talked to for the most part.
Other: Gun is extremely calm, no matter how he is truly feeling. The only time he shows any true emotion is in the face of his half brother Sora, whom he harbors a deep and terrifying hate for.

I shall color tomorrow or something. o__o
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PrinceBastardXxX Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011
you are realy have big talent
InjoKEI Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you thank you! :D :DD
sunkissedvampire Featured By Owner May 31, 2010
I love his hair :3
InjoKEI Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!!
sunkissedvampire Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010
Tairbear Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009  Student Interface Designer
This is amazing he is so cool. But I'm curious did you forget your part of our art trade :(
InjoKEI Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah o____o I still have that sketch on my pc! I meant to lineart it. DDDx I will put that on the top of my to-do list. I'm soooo sorry about that. I will throw in something extra for you as an apology. "oRZ

And thanks for the comment. ;^^
Tairbear Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2009  Student Interface Designer
Oh no it is alright^^ I was just don't have to rush yourself with it. But I appriciate the apology :3

and yeah I'm sorry I should have noted you and not bombed you like this on your awesome piece. It was very rude of me. I sowwy :hug:
InjoKEI Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
o___o No, I am completely at fault here, so it's totally fine. XD I am working on yours as we speak.~ I've been super busy this week. XD
Tairbear Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Awe don't be so hard on yourself it happens to everyone once in a while. And yay for working on it^^ I know it will be amazing Like all your work.
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